Travel Tips

For an enjoyable trip, it is essential that you pre-plan your travel. Here are some basic & important points which will help you to make your trip a memorable one.

Things to remember:

What to take along?

Keep a copy of your passport, travel visa, airline tickets and travel documents, besides the originals. Keep the copies separate from the originals.

If you plan to drive, don't forget to take an international Driving License, which can be obtained through the Automobile Association. Otherwise keep your driver's License with photo for identification even if you are not planning to drive.

Remember to keep an 'in case of emergency card' that should contain your blood type, allergies and special medical conditions, along with the names and numbers of your doctors.

Do not forget to keep an extra pair of eyeglasses and a list of your medicines in your carry-on luggage.

What to leave behind?

A copy of your passport, travel visas, airline tickets, insurance documents and a list of any charge or credit cards.

A copy of the itinerary of your trip and important phone numbers

A copy of your Travelers Cheques' serial numbers and other such details.

Tips for a hassle- free travel

Check that your passport is not approaching expiry date.

Sign each Travelers Cheque in the top left corner to protect yourself in case of loss or theft.

Remember to put your name, address, and telephone number inside each piece of checked and carry-on luggage.

Don't miss locking your luggage.

If possible, use your Business address on your luggage.

Its advisable to register valuable items such as cameras, laptop computers, and jewellery with Customs, before departing. This will save you the import fees when you return.

Plan to travel in comfortable and sober clothing .

Precautions while on the move

Never leave your luggage unattended. Place them between your feet, or against your legs.

Watch out your carry-on items closely when you go through the security clearance.

Try to avoid currency exchange windows or prefer exchanging only a small amount.

Note down, beforehand how many pieces of luggage and other items you have brought with you.

Avoid taking unauthorized taxis and buses to your destination.

Make sure that your whole luggage is placed inside the taxi trunk and the lid is covered well.

Unless the individual is known to you, do not accept an offer to share a taxi.

For safe stay at Hotel:

Get a Safety Deposit Box upon check-in for your passport, airline ticket, most of your cash, travelers' cheques, jewellery and other valuables. Carry only a passport copy.

Avoid leaving your valuables in the room while you are away. Don't leave them even in locked luggage or guest room safes.

While leaving the room, switch on television or radio set to give the impression that the room is occupied.

While on the Road

Carry only limited cash or travelers' cheque, which you plan to use during your trip, away from your hotel.

If possible carry money and identification in a separate, small wallet.

Carry small amount of money separate from the rest of your money so that you don't have to show your cash every time you make a purchase.

Travel with a Detailed Map of the city and prominently mark the hotel. Embassy and police station. You should be well familiar with the directions of the city before leaving the hotel.

Carry a piece of hotel stationary with you. It comes in handy when communicating with local taxi drivers.

When confronted with crime

Resisting a robber from taking away your belongings may cost your life. Never oppose the robber as your safety is more important than what you are carrying.

Raise a noise, you might get some help.

Report to the local police station. The copy of the police report is essential for verification with insurance and in replacing stolen cards/ traveler's cheques. Make it a point to keep it.

Immediately report the theft of credit or charge cards.

In the event that your passport and airline tickets are lost or stolen, contact the Embassy and the appropriate airline. The extra copies can be used to expedite the replacement.

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